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Design Inspiration

The site is not in any way associated with any government entity, but we tried to make the colours used in the design themed after colours associated with the Union Jack, as it is one of the most iconic flags the world over and the colours are beautiful. :)

The logo design concept aimed to combine the ideas of a house and a calculator, while also being inspired in part by the TARDIS time machine from the TV show Doctor Who.

Securing the Domain Name

When Nominet confirmed the launch of the .UK TLD we were excited and hopeful to get this domain name. Unfortunately someone else beat us to it. We offered to buy the domain on August 13, 2019 and they turned us down. Three days after turning us down they counter offered with a reasonable price and we bought the domain name.

The site has been online for a couple years with over 99.99% uptime, serving over 100,000 visitors to date in our short history.

Mortgage Calculations

Calculating Monthly Fixed Rate Amortising Mortgage Payments

Calculating regular amortising monthly repayments is easy using the following formula.
Mortgage Payment = P x (r / n) x [(1 + r / n)^n(t)] / [(1 + r / n)^n(t) - 1]



P = principal


r = mortgage interest rate as a decimal


n = number of payments per year (12 for monthly)


t = loan term in years


Here is the calculation for a 3% APR loan over 25 years

£180,000 x (.03 / 12) x [(1 + .03 / 12)^12(25)] / [(1 + .03/12)^12(25) - 1]
£180,000 x 0.0025 x [1.0025^300] / [(1.0025)^300-1]
£180,000 x 0.0025 x 2.11501955766 / (2.11501955766 - 1)
£450 x 2.11501955766 / (1.11501955766 ) = £853.58/mo

A person could do this calculation by hand, or use the calculator on our homepage to do it faster automatically.

Calculating Interest Only Monthly Mortgage Payments

The above formula is for an amortising loan. The maths on interest-only payments is easier.
Interest Only Mortgage Payment = P x (r / n)



P = principal


r = mortgage interest rate as a decimal


n = number of payments per year (12 for monthly)


£180,000 x .03 / 12
£180,000 x 0.0025 = £450/mo

Unique Features

What we did to help differentiate the site was to expand beyond the sort of standard user experience people find on most sites. Examples points of differentiation include:

Instant Calculations

Our main calculator on our homepage offers instant calculation results without requiring page reloads.

Amortising and Interest Only Payments

Buyers can instantly compare amortising and interest only payments side-by-side.

Amortisation Charts & Tables

Buyers who want monthly or annual amortization tables and charts can also get those as well by clicking on the calculate button.

Share Links

Results on our homepage calculator offer a share link so buyers and other interested parties can share their calculations quickly.

Responsive Web Design

Our site design is clean and simple, using a mobile responsive layout which works well on any device type. We have went to great lengths to ensure the broader site and tables look great on any device.

User Privacy Protection

Your connection to the site is delivered using a secure certificate to protect user privacy. Nobody else will see your calculations unless you go out of your way to share them with someone else via a share link that you are intentionally sharing.

Many visitors have told us they appreciate the attention to detail and simplicity of our site.

There seem to be so many mortgage calculators online, but your site is my go to - none of the others come near in terms of both detail but also simplicity.

Best wishes

Additional Calculators

As the site has grown more popular we have looked to expand it. At the request of users we have also added a couple other calculators to our site

If you like our feature rich homepage calculator here are instructions for embedding it in your website.

As Seen In

Thanks to the hundreds of bloggers, journalists, web forum users, and other webmasters who have recommended our website.

The Conversation.

Sharing Our Website


If you enjoy using this site, please share it wherever you can!


You do not need to request to link to our website. You can even embed our calculators on your website.


You can share specific calculations. For example, this link shares a mortgage calculation while this link shares a remortgage calculation. Share links are shown near calculation results, making sharing easy on web forums, over email, on social networks, or in chat apps on mobile devices.


User Privacy

This website does not carry any online advertisements. Users are not tracked in any way other than our site using a web analytics tool named Clicky which helps us track website performance and troubleshoot any technical issues. Their privacy policy is available online here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our site you can contact us via email.

Please note we do not have any interest in selling this website or exchanging links with other websites.

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